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Reviewed by Charlene Austin


By John Bailey

John Bailey’s Boyne Falls Baroque gives the reader characters that charm and delight, research and rich detail that educates and enlightens, witty dialogue that amuses, and a moral dilemma that confuses.

Brian Mercer is a victim of corporate downsizing in the Tech industry. He knows before lunch he is not interested in carrying buckets of hot tar for roofing up ladders. A telemarketing sales for a disreputable lawn care company holds no more appeal than the roofing job.

When Brian stops in for lunch at a new Thai restaurant his luck and his life seem to be change for the better. The pretty waitress is not a teenager at all, as he first believes. The stock tips she says come from her grandfather are right on, and he requests and introduction to this stock genius to help rebuild his flattened portfolio. Brian finds himself very interested in Miiko. She is a talented cellist and music instructor when not helping at her parent’s restaurant. He lands a part time DJ job at a local radio station.

He’s working with Osaka Sam, Miiko’s grandfather, building a website and newsletter to spread the word about the I Ching method of stock investing. Stocks are paying, DJ job goes full time, and he has a new girlfriend. Things are really looking up. Until the FBI calls.

Computer security, insider trading, the wonders and marvels of music, romance, crime, and morals and ethics, Boyne Falls Baroque author, John Bailey, weaves all these elements with a master’s hand into a delightful and entertaining must read. John’s respect for his craft and his readers is evident on every well-written page of Boyne Falls Baroque. His characters leap from imagination to life, as do the plot elements that shouldn’t work, but flow together into a rich and satisfying escape.

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